Public Programs

Combining my interest in photography and nature, I present public programs to interested groups. These are multimedia programs comprised of two parts: a slide show to orient the audience to the subject and a movie made up of digital stills and video that I narrate live. Programs are approximately 45 minutes in length. Schedule a program for your next meeting or event!

Technical Note: Due to the unique technical nature of the programs, I bring all my own equipment in the way of projector, computer, etc. I only need a small table and a screen provided to present a program to your group.

Schedule a Program: To schedule a program, please contact me at

Ospreys of Pelican Island: An Exploration into the Life of the Fish Hawk

Three years in the making, this program follows a pair of Ospreys throughout their nesting season at the nation's first national wildlife refuge - Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge.

Critters, Cows, and Cowboys: A Photographic Exploration into the Wildlife & Work of a Florida Cattle Ranch

The program details a year of cattle work and wildlife as experienced on a working Florida cattle ranch told in a combination of still photographs and digital video.

Birds of the Indian River Lagoon

Birds of the Indian River Lagoon is an exciting new program highlighting the common birds, wildlife, and scenery of the Indian River Lagoon in a program made up of digital stills and video. Viewers will come away with a better appreciation and understanding of this amazingly diverse and beautiful Florida water body.

The Secret Life of the Florida Scrub-Jay

This program explores the life history of the Florida Scrub-Jay and its unique scrub habitat. You will come away with a new appreciation for Florida's only endemic bird - the Florida Scrub-Jay!

Creepy Crawly Land Crabs of Florida - and beyond!

This program explores the role of the crab in mythology and popular culture while presenting the life history of the Florida Ghost Crab and Great Atlantic Land Crab. An entertaining and informative program about most unusual creatures.

Our Insect Overlords, Parts One & Two

A basic introduction to Florida's insects observed through photography, science, and B Movies! Due to the complexity of the insect world, this program is told in two separate presentations.

Woodpeckers of Florida

An overview of the different woodpecker species found in Florida.

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