High Fidelity Space Shuttle Model
24 May 2012 - Port Canaveral
On 24 May 2012 between 10:00 A.M. and 11:00 A.M., a tugboat towed a barge laden with the high fidelity Space Shuttle model through Port Canaveral to begin the journey to Texas and eventual exhibition at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. The barge will travel south around Florida and then cut across the Gulf of Mexico to Texas. A fire boat blasting water out of its cannons led the way in what was indeed a stately procession for a memorable send off.
The model is expected to arrive in Texas on 1 June 2012 where it will be the centerpiece for a three-day "Shuttlebration". But as the pair moved out into the Atlantic Ocean, and the escort boats fell away and returned to port, the loneliness of the pair against the ocean inspired a tinge of melancholia making for a bittersweet departure > > >
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