Space Shuttle equipment on display in the Vehicle Assembly Building
29 June 2012

At right, a transporter used to remove/replace Space Shuttle engines. The machine has a Space Shuttle Main Engine bell, minus the engine, in place.

Below are two Space Shuttle Main Engine bells on display in the VAB. These are used to channel the exhaust out of the Main Engine.

The Tail Cone used to provide an aerodynamic cover over the Space Shuttle Main Engines when a Space Shuttle is transported atop the 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. The Tail Cone is waiting to be used on Endeavour's ferry flight to Los Angeles.
An armored personnel carrier built to carry astronauts away from the launch pad in case of an emergency.
A Crawler Transporter used to carry Apollo Saturn Vs and Space Shuttles to the launch pad.
A Mobile Launch Platform carried atop the back of the Crawler Transporter from which Apollo Saturn Vs and Space Shuttles launched from.
A view of the construction site at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex where Space Shuttle Atlantis will go on display.
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