Space Shuttle Endeavour in the VAB
18 August 2012
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Built to replace Challenger after its destruction in 1986, Endeavour first flew in May 1992 on STS-49. Endeavour would go on to fly 25 missions into space. Endeavour's days at Kennedy Space Center are coming to an end as all processing on the vehicle is finished and all that is left now is the ferry flight in mid-September to take her out to Los Angeles for permanent display at the California Science Center. Endeavour has replaced Atlantis in High Bay #4 of the Vehicle Assembly Building with Atlantis now in the Orbiter Processing Facility undergoing its last days of processing in preparation for its display at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex.

With Endeavour's crew hatch now sealed, the cable wrapped up just outside the hatch runs inside through the mid-deck and up to the flight deck where it will transmit Endeavour's last powered command to raise its landing gear. Also note at upper right the two hinges on the cargo bay doors. Go to Page Two of Two > > >
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