Final Days of Atlantis in the VAB
20 October 2012
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Processing on the Orbiter Atlantis is complete and it has been moved from the Orbiter Processing Facility to High Bay #4 in the Vehicle Assembly Building for temporary storage. On 2 November Atlantis is scheduled to be moved to its permanent display site at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Atlantis' sister ships Discovery, Endeavour, and Enterprise are already at their permanent museum homes making Atlantis the last of the group to transition into its retirement.

In the image at right the Vehicle Assembly Building looms over the Florida landscape even though it is still five miles away.

Atlantis' landing gear and crew hatch have been sealed and the vehicle is posed on the Orbiter Transportation System that will take Atlantis the final nine miles to its new home at the Visitor Complex. Go to Page Two of Two > > >
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