Atlantis Construction Update
28 November 2012 - Kennedy Space Center
A visit to Kennedy Space Center to hear astronaut Jim Reilly speak had the unexpected benefit of being able to view from the road the progress of construction on the Atlantis exhibit. Atlantis is visible raised up and tilted through the still unfinished wall of the building. Atlantis' current position reflects the final display attitude with a permanent stand to be built to hold Atlantis with its cargo bay doors open as if it were in space. To see how the site has changed over the past few weeks, visit the previous page.
A wider view of the construction site.
To protect Atlantis during the building's construction, the vehicle has been cocooned in protective material the same way yachts and boats are sealed up for transport.
Note one of the jacks inside the building at right with a yellow base used to very slowly tilt Atlantis.
Finally, an image from the beginning of Jim Reilly's terrific talk as he related his experiences flying on three shuttle flights including two spacewalking construction missions to the International Space Station.
Atlantis Construction Update
11 December 2012 - Kennedy Space Center
I was not planning on taking any photos but tried anyway at the last second as I was driving by resulting in a tilted view of the construction of the Atlantis exhibit at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Work to complete the final wall is underway in this image taken on 11 December 2012.
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