Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Up-Close Tour
22 August 2013
Launch Complex 39A
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This video was shot in-between taking the stills to capture the highlights of the tour.
The flare stack used to burn off excess hydrogen during
fueling operations of the Space Shuttle prior to launch.
The fixed service structure with the crew access arm extended showing where the crew compartment of the Shuttle Orbiter would be located if it was on the pad.
View of the crew access arm and the white room through which astronauts would enter the orbiter. The fabric covers the opening that would be fit snug against the orbiter over the side hatch.
The heat resistant bricks in the flame trench show discoloration from the blast of flames funneled through the trench at liftoff.
Looking into the flame trench with the mobile launch platform and fixed service structure towering overhead.
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