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NASA Social - SpaceX CRS-2
Kennedy Space Center
Day One - 28 February 2013
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I was thrilled to be selected for the NASA Social event at Kennedy Space Center for the SpaceX CRS-2 commercial resupply mission to the International Space Station. This well thought out NASA event gave the participants media access to the launch along with interesting media tours, press conferences, and briefings to learn not only about the CRS-2 mission, but what NASA is doing these days---which turns out to be a lot contrary to what many people think. The photo at right says it all, my Jeep parked at the Launch Complex 39 press site across from the Vehicle Assembly Building.

The corner of the NASA TV studio can be seen at far left, then the NASA News Center and, beyond, various buildings used by different news outlets. Click here to see a panorama of this image.
Inside the NASA News Center Annex building that was the base of operations for the Social. Here the participants settle in.
Jason Townsend, above left, and Nancy Bray of NASA were the leaders of the event. Above right, Lisa Malone of NASA welcomes the participants with a short introduction to current NASA activities. Note the camera man behind her. A lot of the NASA Social activities were covered by NASA media folks.
Boarding the bus for the short drive across the street to tour the Vehicle Assembly Building seen in the background. Above right, a NASA escort alongside Jason covers some rules for entering the VAB.
Outside the VAB where the bus dropped us off.
Two panoramic views looking down the length of the transfer aisle. There are two High Bays on either side of the aisle for assembling rockets almost to the ceiling of the 52-story building. NASA plans to assemble its massive Space Launch System rocket here for future missions and is hoping other parts of the building might be taken over by a commercial rocket company.
Jason meets our guides outside the VAB Operations Center located just inside the building.
Our guides introduce us to the VAB.
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