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Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Tour(s)
1 Dec. 2011 - 21 Dec. 2011 - 27 June 2013
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A selection of images from the three Air Force-sponsored tours that I went on of Cape Canaveral Air Force Station taken on 1 & 21 December 2011, and on the last tour prior to their cancellation due to budget cuts on 27 June 2013. Our leader for the last tour was volunteer Jim Hale with the Air Force Space & Missile History Center. Originally the tour was booked but a lot of people simply did not show up hence all the empty seats on the bus so it was a real let down for everybody on the waiting list.
Delta IV Common Booster Cores waiting to be unloaded from a ship docked at Port Canaveral. The rocket stages are built in Decatur, Alabama and shipped by sea to Cape Canaveral.
A pioneer cemetary from the original community of Cape Canaveral is located near the old Delta rocket launch control center, which has now been converted to the base headquarters.
Some of the antennas used for the range destruct system to destroy errant rockets.
The entrance sign to Launch Complex 26 and the museum.
The Complex 26 blockhouse used for the launch of the United State's first satellite, Explorer 1, aboard a Redstone rocket.
A sign shows how the Atlantic Missile Range looked in its early days.
A tribute to I Dream of Jeannie is displayed in the blockhouse.
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