Atlantis Sneak Peek
10 November 2012 - Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

A rare opportunity was allowed in opening to visitors the new $100 million home at the KSC Visitor Complex for Space Shuttle Atlantis while it is still under construction. As the week-long event comes to an end the building will be closed until its completion in the Summer of 2013. Visitors were only allowed inside the building during the week for a short period at the end of each construction day and all day Saturday and Sunday, 10 & 11 November.

The front of the building.
Above and below, two drive-by shots of Atlantis inside its new home. The large opening will soon be walled up sealing Atlantis inside.
A wide-angle view inside the unfinished building shows all the construction that still needs to be done.
Atlantis has been removed from the Orbiter Transporter System that carried it into the building during the rollover and is now perched atop a beam to be used in moving Atlantis up to its final display position.
The images above and below, provided by the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, give an idea of what the finished exhibit will look like. Atlantis will be hoisted up and tilted as if it is in space with its cargo bay doors open. Note in the image above that Atlantis seems too small, especially compared with the size of the people on the floor looking up.
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