Launch Control Center Tour
Kennedy Space Center - 18 January 2013
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A collection of photos from a return visit to tour the Launch Complex 39 Launch Control Center (LCC) at Kennedy Space Center. For a different perspective with lots of details, see the first visit on 16 June 2012. This visit includes two panoramas taken inside the LCC on pages 3 & 4.

While waiting for the LCC tour there was time to hear the talk by Brazilian astronaut Marcos Pontes seen here in a collage of images taken during his program. He is a very personable speaker who gave a great presentation on his flight to the International Space Station aboard a Russian Soyuz in 2006. He is expected to fly again to the ISS in a couple of years.
Driving out to the Launch Control Center situated next to the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) seen here wonderfully obscured by rain and mist during a cold Florida day.
The LCC sticks out from a corner of the VAB.
A view of the front of the LCC with the Firing Rooms marked.
The main entrance to the LCC.
Half a view of the main lobby from just inside the front doors.
The Space Shuttle flags hanging in the lobby.
An old control station on display in the lobby includes the activation controls for an "audio bird deterrent system" at Launch Complexes 39A & B. Go to Page two of four > > >
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