Hard Hat tour of Atlantis Exhibit
1 March 2013 - Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex
These images were taken as part of the NASA Social event for the launch that I was able to take part in. View the entire collection of images for the event.
The final event for the NASA Social was a hard hat tour of the new Atlantis exhibit at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. The two towers going up in front of the building at left will support life-sized replicas of the Solid Rocket Boosters and External Tank used in the Space Shuttle Program. Our guide, Andrea Farmer, said the boosters and tank will be so big they will be visible from nearby Titusville.
Atlantis is tilted at its final display angle but is still wrapped in plastic to protect it from the dust and debris stirred up by the ongoing construction. The round opening will hold a mockup of the Hubble Space Telescope.
When Atlantis is unwrapped, the cargo bay doors will be opened so visitors can get a feel for what Atlantis looked like in space.
Atlantis will be poised as if it is about to dock with the International Space Station, a representative portion of which will be constructed overhead.
On the floor below, Atlantis' wing extends downward with its tip only seven feet off the floor.
Walking around the construction site to access Atlantis from the other side.
Heading up the fire escape to get a different view of Atlantis.
Atlantis from the back.
Our guide Andrea Farmer gives details of the exhibit.
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