Atlantis Construction Update
11 April 2013 - Kennedy Space Center
The large building with the sloping roof houses the Atlantis exhibit and is visible from miles away.

ABOVE: The exhibit hall now proudly proclaims its contents.


RIGHT & BELOW: A crane raises the life-sized replicas of the Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Boosters outside the Atlantis exhibit hall. A life-sized External Tank will be placed between the Boosters replicating the actual equipment.

Construction Update - 20 April 2013
Construction of the Boosters is moving along. The cone-like Booster tops are visible on the ground along with the final Booster segment for the right-hand SRB.
Construction Update - 15 May 2013
The replica Solid Rocket Boosters are almost complete with just the Aft Skirts needing to be added. The frame of the External Tank is under construction. A workman is visible below on a cherry picker working on the frame.
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