2013 U.S. Astronaut Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex - 20 April 2013
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The new entrance to the Kennedy Space Center Visitors Complex includes this fountain.

Interestingly, people throw not only coins into the fountain, but also paper money. There were at least three one-dollar bills in the fountain.

Concerning the picture quality, I did not feel motivated enough to lug around a heavy camera all day so I brought only my small pocket camera, which I used to take all the photos on these two pages.

The day began with a program called "Inspiring Today's Youth" with former astronauts Eileen Collins, center with microphone, and Kathy Thornton.
A "Hall of Fame Astronauts Private Meet and Greet" followed allowing for personal contact with astronauts in a relaxed setting. The event was really an autograph session, something I usually do not do but got into it on this day in the spirit of the occasion. The astronauts will sign anything you bring them so I bought an inexpensive matted photo from the gift shop to have something appropriate for them to sign. Some people had planned this well in advance and brought all sorts of elaborate things to be signed.
The astronauts taking part were, top from left, Kathy Thornton, Robert "Hoot" Gibson, Jeff Hoffman, and John Blaha. And at bottom from left, Loren Shriver, Karol "Bo" Bobko, the line for Bob Crippen, and Bob Crippen, pilot of the very first Space Shuttle flight.
My autographed matted photo is of a launch of Space Shuttle Columbia. The astronauts included the missions they had flown along with their signatures.
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